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Those innovators, businesses and institutions with a clear vision, whose ideas and hard work generate a positive, pioneering and relevant impact in Guatemala through their business model.


50 social entrepreneurs, 20 during the InnovaXion Workshop and 30 during an intensive Cultivation Day.


The most innovative social entrepreneurs in Guatemala, and reward them. At the end of the process, the five best enterprises or initiatives will be selected by a panel of judges to be recognized publically and to receive seed capital.

Who can participate?

Entrepreneurs who have a social enterprise, or an idea for one that generates impact and innovation in Guatemala.


Five categories, five prizes. See more about each and participate!

The first three categories- and prizes- relate to indicators from the Social Progress Index, and Alterna chose the other two.

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Enterprises that contribute to better access to basic and essential human needs, like food and nutrition, medical assistance, water and sanitation, dignified housing and personal security.
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Enterprises that dignify and improve the well-being of people, like access to education, information and a diversity of knowledge, to preventative health services, and to a sustainable relationship with nature.
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All ideas and enterprises that facilitate access or opportunities that vitalize and enhance people’s lives. For example, access to higher education, to benefit from basic human rights, and to live within a tolerant, inclusive society.
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Enterprises offering more effective, efficient, sustainable and fair alternatives to business models that currently exist. Enterprises that change social ideas and values, sustainable technologies for human development and/or sustainable, inclusive innovations.
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Enterprises that seek a more sustainable and inclusive system of agricultural production, to improve food security and nutrition, provide fair economic and social opportunities, and respect the local ecosystem.

How to participate?


  • Press “Apply now” at the bottom of this page, fill out the form and send it.

  • Optionally, you can send 2 photos or a video with a maximum duration of one minute to eventos@alterna-la.org so we can visualize your initiative.

What do the prize winners receive?

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The 50 best social enterprises will qualify and gain access to:

  • The Top 20 will be invited to the InnovaXion Workshop. Three days with expert mentors offering a diversity of business acumen (finances, marketing, operations and impact measurement) to refine and validate their social enterprise model and define an action plan to achieve their objectives. The five best entrepreneurs from the InnovaXion Workshop will receive seed capital of Q7,500.00, in addition to:

-Mass media promotion and visibility.

-Six months of free, high-level consulting provided by the Alterna Team.

-Membership within to Alterna’s community and network and access to Guatemala’s largest social enterprise platform.

  • The 30 runner up entrepreneurs will participate in Cultivation Day, where participants will receive targeted feedback from Alterna’s team of experts to strengthen their ideas and social enterprises.



Applications accepted beginning on August 17 and ending September 15

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