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Alterna’s Fellowship Program is a trampoline for professionals who want to be on the frontline of the emerging fourth sector—social entrepreneurship. Our Fellowship Program is designed to bring top talent from the most innovative firms, universities and organizations worldwide to get hands-on experience working with local entrepreneurs who lack access to high-quality business services and with Alterna's leadership to maximize our impact and sustainability. Utilizing a methodology built from five years of launching our own social businesses and working directly with entrepreneurs in the community, our Fellows have successfully helped launch and scale over 500 social businesses and have worked with almost 600 entrepreneurs in Guatemala.

As Central America’s first Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Alterna aims to catalyze social entrepreneurship from the ground up, and we envision a world in which the opportunity to ignite positive change exists in every context. Our talent is the key to achieving our mission, and we believe that bringing the best and brightest to the field will open the door for Guatemalan entrepreneurs as they launch, strength and scale their social businesses.


We offer various types of Fellowship positions, based on our organizational needs. We usually offer two types of Fellowship:

• Business Cultivation: Fellows provide support to entrepreneurs in various phases of businesses development, accompanying them and guiding them through the riskiest phases of launching a business. The specific responsibilities of the Fellow and the profile of business served are tailored to fit his/her level of experience and interest.

• Operations: Fellows support Alterna's overall operations, in monitoring and evaluation, human resources, communication, and more, ideal for those who are looking to gain experience working in different parts of a quickly-growing start-up organization.



Alterna's Fellowship Program is a career-changing experience in the social impact sector. With over 50 fellows from 4 continents and 17 countries, 90% of our fellows say the experience significantly impacted their career trajectory and 100% said they would recommend applying to a friend. If you are seeking a new opportunity to use and strengthen your skills in an entrepreneurial context, while creating significant positive impact in Latin America, this program is for you!
During your time at Alterna, you will:

• Gain on the ground exposure to innovative approaches, ideas and best practices in the areas of Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship, including key contextual insights on what the entrepreneurial process consists of in Central America.
• Acquire critical skills in business analysis, social impact strategies, organizational development, and more, according to your position.
• Join Alterna's network comprised of highly talented current and past team members and key stakeholders in the social entrepreneurship field in Central America
• Work with a team of young and passionate people from all over the world
• Be immersed in the Guatemalan culture.



While we will consider exceptional candidates who do not meet all of the following criteria, we look for the following in applicants to the Fellowship Program:

• Passion and commitment to fostering positive social change;
• Track record of academic and/or professional excellence;
• Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and adapt to challenges;
• Excellent interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity;
• Full business proficiency in Spanish; and,
• At least 1 year of experience in your field, depending on the position

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The vast majority of our fellows are based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, the second largest city in Guatemala and the bustling capital of the highlands. Our headquarters are in the historic Zona 1, with easy access to local markets, restaurants and Parque Central. Note that you may be asked to travel to different regions of Guatemala to work in the field with entrepreneurs.
At the moment, the first six months of all Fellowship opportunities with Alterna are self-funded by the fellow—and as our entrepreneurs' first impact investors, each fellow's individual opportunity cost ensures local entrepreneurs receive the highest quality attention and resources from the fellow. With the average international startup failure rate at over 80%, this investment of time from fellows often makes the difference for the entrepreneur and leads to a more fulfilling experience for both.

After the first six months, we can consider the possibility of offering a remuneration, depending on our financial resources and on your performance. Also note that Alterna consistently looks to the top talent in our fellow pool as our primary source when hiring long-term full-time staff members.

The average monthly cost of that each fellow incurs in Xela is approximately $450 - $500 USD.
With an acceptance of a fellowship offer, Alterna coordinates your living arrangement and provides the full immersion experience—tailored to each fellow, we coordinate your arrival date, pick-up and orientation accordingly. A staff member dedicated to Fellows will be available to you at all time during your experience.


We accept fellowship applications on an ongoing basis. To apply, download the application form (clicking on “Apply now!” below), fill it out and send it to us with your CV to alternahr@alterna-la.org, with your name and the post you are applying for included in the subject of the email. We look forward to receiving your application!

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