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Ecosystem Development

Ecosystem Development

In addition to launching and cultivating enterprises that provide solutions to critical social and environmental challenges in the local community, Alterna is committed to developing an inclusive and dynamic ecosystem for social entrepreneurship. We are working to bridge the gap between local entrepreneurs and the resources that can enhance their impact by strengthening networks and leveraging partnerships with key institutions and organizations in the private, public, and academic sectors. Please contact us if you or your organization is interested in joining Alterna on the development of a more inclusive ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Central America.
Current Priorities

Some of the areas we’re currently focusing on to expand awareness of and access to the social entrepreneurship ecosystem include:

• Working with a wide range of impact investors to unlock capital for a diverse group of social entrepreneurs;
• Partnering with universities around the world to expose students to social entrepreneurship and provide meaningful opportunities to engage with social entrepreneurs and become social entrepreneurs themselves;
• Expanding opportunities for the BoP to access markets as consumers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs;
• Promoting entrepreneurship by women and members of indigenous communities; and
• Advocating for changes to public policy that will unleash the full potential of social entrepreneurship in the region.


Alterna is excited to launch the Alterna Social Entrepreneurship Series – a series of presentations, forums, and workshops to provide information and generate excitement about social entrepreneurship in the region. The Alterna Social Entrepreneurship Series will forge connections among entrepreneurs, investors, students, and public officials interested in furthering the development of Guatemala’s social entrepreneurship ecosystem. See News and Highlighted Events below for additional information about the first event in the Alterna Social Entrepreneurship Series – Alterna’s Green Carpet.

News and Highlighted Events


  • Hivos
  • Wisions of Sustainability
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • FLII
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